Trail Construction

Government Peak Singletrack – Phase 1 to be completed this year

Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers is partnering with Alaska Trails to build three miles of new singletrack trail in the MSB Government Peak Recreation Area. We received funding from a Recreational Trails Program grant and from a REI grant for Phase 1. Construction includes both the use of machinery and handwork. Throughout the late summer and early fall we will be engaging volunteers to help with some clearing and finish work. This is an exciting addition to the recreation area, and hopefully you will join us on a trail work day.

Palmer Bike Park gets boost from community

The MSB Assembly approved the master plan for Matanuska River Park which includes the conceptual design for the bike park. Grant funding has been approved from the State of Alaska Recreational Trails Program and Mat Su Health Foundation. The construction will be done in phases, first with a “tech trail”, then the flow trail, and then finally the installation of the pump track. There will be a lot of dirt moving and fun trail work days in the park, so hopefully you will join us.

Both of these projects could not have happened without community support. We would like to thank everyone who sent letters of support, became members of VMBaH, and/or gave an extra donation for these two projects. You have stayed with this for the long haul and your support is paying off.

Thank you!